This is a very cool, useful online application, one that truly deserves all the fancy new words that have been buzzing around the Web 2.0 scene (There’s one now! Kill it before it strikes again!). Have you ever found a really cool site, and you really wanted to remember it later, but your bookmarks were so out-of-whack that you just knew that you were going to forget all about it? Or have you ever bookmarked a site, then when you came back to it a month or so later, you couldn’t remember what you liked about it? is going to revolutionize the way that the WWW is organized on your machine. The basic idea is, you sign up, install their extension (they’ve got one for Firefox, and one for Safari and IE on the way), then go surfing. When you run across something that you want to bookmark, or something about a site that you want to remember, you just hold down the Alt key and drag a box, right there, anywhere on the web page. This creates a sticky note on that site. Make some notations about the site for yourself. Then add some tags to the note so that it’s searchable later. Then surf on. Don’t worry about that page anymore; close it and go. That’s it.

A week or so later, when you come back to that page, guess what? You’re sticky will still be there, in all its glorious stickiness! Oh, joy! You can also go the website and log into your account. The Stickies tab on your control panel will show you a list of your stickies from all across the web, that you can sort and search through by the content of the stickies or the tags you created Update: it looks like I was mistaken here; they don’t have a search form in the contol panel yet, so you can only search by tags. You can view the stickies right on, or go to the website that the sticky is stuck to. What a wonderful, gooey idea! Kind of tacky, but easy to bond with! I’m really attached to it! My hair’s getting all matted! Woohoo! Okay, this is getting weird…

The stickies apparently have a special type of adhesive that allow them to stick to any type of website; plastic, grinded steel, brickwork, even water, air, and/or fire, you name it, the notes will hang it. The developers have refused to comment on their secret ingredients.

If you don’t use Firefox, you can still use They have a bookmarklet that should work with any popular browser, which makes the whole, gummy experience almost as fun.

Anyhow, very cool. Very useful. Check it out and join me in my new initiative: Litter the World Wide Web. (I don’t know, maybe it’s already dirty enough…)



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