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Silence: It’s What’s for Breakfast

What people usually chit chat about is, in itself, of little value. I’m not talking about meaningful discussions, like “what should we name our next child” or “what can we do to reduce heart disease”. I’m talking about the idle chatter that you normally hear, like “the weather sure has been crazy” or “my latest and greatest achy body part”. Why do I want to know about your sinus headache? What do I look like, a proctologist?


The Mysterious Changing Color Palette

The Mysterious Changing Color Palette: Preview image

In moments like that, it’s hard to keep from crying, you know?



So about a month ago, a MacBook arrived at my door step. Not that it wouldn’t have been great had I not known where it came from, had it just shown up out of nowhere, a big surprise with no strings attached. On the contrary, this small gem was the end of a series of small struggles, multiple brainstorm sessions, and several days of painful, Christmas-like anticipation…


Hosting Troubles, Second Guesses, and General Busyness

For the few readers out there who may be wondering why nothing on my site has changed for a month or two, I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I’m not dead. Several things have kept me from my young blog over the past weeks, but I’ve become very anxious to get back to whatever it is I do here on Tilted Symmetry