So about a month ago, a MacBook arrived at my door step. Not that it wouldn’t have been great had I not known where it came from, had it just shown up out of nowhere, a big surprise with no strings attached. On the contrary, this small gem was the end of a series of small struggles, multiple brainstorm sessions, and several days of painful, Christmas-like anticipation.

Although getting, opening, and firing up this small machine was a very exciting experience, I’m going to spare you the details. There are a plethora of blog postings out there about getting MacBooks, with detailed write-ups and stacks of photos. If you want more, just google “my new macbook”; you’ll get a ton. I came in late in the game, and probably couldn’t add much to what’s already been said. It’s almost disturbing how nutzoid people go over these things.

Not that I don’t understand, to some extent, why. Against my better judgement, I’ll confess to you that I’ve had to keep myself in check, so as not to get caught up in this current of bubbly, feverish, clammy enthusiasm. But in spite of my great success in doing so, the fact remains, I love my MacBook. From the shallow points of how slick it looks on the surface and on the screen; to the deeper aspects of the operating system, so stable, customizable, and production-oriented; this machine started out as a need to have a lighter, more portable laptop, but ended up being a wonderful surprise through and through.

Anyway, enough blabbering. I’m planning on writing a few posts, not just about my MacBook, but also about some of the great things I’ve discovered while operating it, software and such. It wouldn’t have made sense, in my mind, to start into Apple stuff, unless I told you that I now had one.

So there it is.


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