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The Condition

It’s strange the things that some men find non-negotiable, who would otherwise do anything for the woman they love. Take me for example. I’ll go to incredible lengths for my wife. Why, I’ll wait hours for my love in the darkest corners of any place where she doesn’t know I am, and surprise her with loud, guttural noises, creepy hand motions, and bizarre convulsions of the neck, tongue, and head, just to bring some excitement into my little shoogie-woogie’s life. I can also keep within my mental facilities the most meticulous historical records of any unusual or unique behavior my wonder-muffin has demonstrated over the years of our everlasting love affair, and remind her of each and every one at various, odd and strategy-free moments, just to flood her heart with delightful twitters of nostalgia, and her cheeks with rosy flushes of glee. But ask her to try and get me to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than I want to, or even 15 minutes after I promised to, and she might laugh in your face. She could probably move me in that direction a bit quicker than I give her credit for here, but I think she cuts me some slack since I do all those other great things for her.

What are some strange things that you have a hard time being flexible about with your loved one?

The Condition


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