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Debating without Dividing

It’s difficult to know who your friends are until you start talking about politics and religion. For me, it’s not important that everyone agrees with my philosophies and positions. I’m not looking for agreement (at least not initially or primarily). They can disagree, they can get angry, they can even yell. For me, the question is, where will they be tomorrow, after the discussion has passed?


TVs & Chunks = BFF <3

This article is about chunks and template variables (TVs), and how they love each other very, very much.


My Imaginary Life

My Imaginary Life: Preview image

Have you ever sat on a bus, a train, or in the passenger seat of a car, looking out the window, watching the trees, cars, fences, houses, and scenery rush by, and you begin to sink into this hypnotic state of thought, that’s almost like a deep, poignant conversation with yourself, so vivid that you can practically hear your own voice in your head?

Yeah, it’s like that.


Join Me, Won’t You?

You can now register for a free user account on Tilted Symmetry. For the time being, there are no immediate benefits to doing this. But in the near future, I’m planning on offering some content that will be available to …


Chipmunk Loses

+1 humans.