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Chipmunk Loses

+1 humans.

Serves that critter right, as far as I’m concerned. The little girl just wanted to feel its fuzzy cuddliness. Violence was not the appropriate response, much less biting, which is really immature.

You might argue that he was just scared or defending his territory. All I know is, I’ve tried to explain to an animal before that I don’t mean it any harm, and that when I was growling at it or waving my arms about violently, that I was just playing. But instead of diffusing an escalating situation, as you would expect, it just seemed to make the stupid critter even angrier.

Chipmunk Firefighter

I don’t understand why animals don’t just give up and do whatever we tell them to do. It’s pretty obvious we’re way smarter than they are, and we’re usually bigger and stronger, too. Anytime a dog growls at me, especially a small one, I think to myself, surely he knows I can kick his butt. Does he think I won’t? Because if that’s what he thinks, he’s way wrong.

Personally, I think animals just have very self-destructive personalities.

Chipmunk Loses


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