Throat Singing Siberians

I know this sort of music may sound strange to most of us westerners, but I want you to listen to something amazing.

After a few seconds, you’ll hear a noise that sounds like some sort of high pitched, dancing flute or whistle. Do you hear that? That is neither a flute or a whistle. The gentlemen on your left is making that sound with the harmonics that are being created as his low, gutteral tones reverberate through his throat and out of his mouth.

I didn’t believe this when I first saw it. But then I started searching Youtube for this sort of throat singing, and found some amazing examples that confirmed, for me, that this is truly what is happening. Like This clip for example; this clip doesn’t allow me to embed it on my site, but go watch it for yourself. The camera man gets very close to the vocalists mouth, and if you listen closely, you can discern how his low tones produce these strange and amazing harmonics. There are some other examples you can find too.

Discovering these subtle cultural gems in music that is foreign to me really helps me to understand and appreciate it. I’m used to a smoothe beat, soothing guitar, a nice bass…you know, jazz, rock. I never understood how anyone could enjoy this sort of music. But now, I must say, this is absolutely amazing.


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