WordPress & iNote

WordPress 1.1 for iPhone came out today. It is exclusively a bug fix and stability improvement upgrade. The one to look forward to is the next upgrade, version 1.2, which should include, amongst several other feature upgrades, a landscape mode for writing, with the wider keyboard for a better and faster writing experience.

For those of you who can’t wait for 1.2 to start writing with the landscape keyboard (believe me, I feel your pain), if you have $4 to spare, you don’t have to. iNote was just released today, a simple notes application that operates in landscape mode, and also includes the ability to group notes into categories. One thing that it lacks, as some people have noted in the ratings section on the App Store, is the ability to sync notes to your desktop or notebook. This might render the application useless, except for one thing: you can send your notes via email. While this obviously isn’t a satisfactory solution for many people, for some writers, including myself, who need a tool to write on-the-go, and a way to get first drafts onto their main machine, this will do for now, especially since it’s only $4, and it’s currently the only working writing application on the iPhone with the wider keyboard.

iNote works well enough. It’s a little buggy when pulling up the keyboard. Sometimes the keyboard covers the typing area, but after playing with it just a bit, I found that this is caused by certain actions, and there are easy ways to prevent it. I’m my opinion, it’s definitely worth the $4.


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