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Intellectual Property, Scaling from Free to Paid

For thousands of years, newcomers have gotten into a field by working for free. Once their skills improved to a level that was worth paying for, or once their already high skill level was recognized, demand was generated, and the right time for charging for services soon came. for iPhone Hands-Free Operation on 3GS

I love listening to music on my iPhone while I’m walking or driving around. I love that I can leave my iPhone in my pocket, and if someone calls, the music will fade out and stop playing, then I can …


The Land of Make Believe

The Land of Make Believe: Preview image


Overlook: Preview image

Pensive Pip-Squeak

Pensive Pip-Squeak: Preview image

Boy in Stasis

Boy in Stasis: Preview image

Girl at Play

Girl at Play: Preview image

Tesla Head

Tesla Head: Preview image


Son & Mom at Dinner

Son & Mom at Dinner: Preview image

@threefivecanvas Have you play…

@threefivecanvas Have you played MiniSquadron yet? What do you think?…