My Love of the Camera, and Lessons Learned

Well, I have gone full circle in photography now. I struggled and struggled to get a professional digital SLR body years ago, and in the end someone bought me a Canon 10D (thanks Mom! :P). I fell in love with …


Intellectual Property, Scaling from Free to Paid

For thousands of years, newcomers have gotten into a field by working for free. Once their skills improved to a level that was worth paying for, or once their already high skill level was recognized, demand was generated, and the right time for charging for services soon came. for iPhone Hands-Free Operation on 3GS

I love listening to music on my iPhone while I’m walking or driving around. I love that I can leave my iPhone in my pocket, and if someone calls, the music will fade out and stop playing, then I can …


New Iphoneography Section

New Iphoneography Section: Preview image


Reverse Claustrophobia (Closing in on the Walls)

My wife and I just closed on our house. Wow, a 30-year mortgage. I’ve barely even lived 30 years. I’m looking around and thinking about this, and suddenly this house feels very permanent, like an old friend that I’ve only …


The Big Switch, an Old Friend

The Big Switch, an Old Friend: Preview image

As I say goodbye to one old friend, I say hello to another, older friend.

I’ve decided to switch my blog back to Wordpress. MODx has served me well, but my site has different requirements now, and Wordpress has proven to be the better candidate.


Throat Singing Siberians

I know this sort of music may sound strange to most of us westerners, but I want you to listen to something amazing.

After a few seconds, you’ll hear a noise that sounds like some sort of high pitched, dancing …


Debating without Dividing

It’s difficult to know who your friends are until you start talking about politics and religion. For me, it’s not important that everyone agrees with my philosophies and positions. I’m not looking for agreement (at least not initially or primarily). They can disagree, they can get angry, they can even yell. For me, the question is, where will they be tomorrow, after the discussion has passed?


Join Me, Won’t You?

You can now register for a free user account on Tilted Symmetry. For the time being, there are no immediate benefits to doing this. But in the near future, I’m planning on offering some content that will be available to …


Welcome to The New Tilted Symmetry

I’ve been working off and on for about a week or so on this new look for Tilted Symmetry.

My plan for this site, from the beginning, was to begin with a very simple approach; with a single article flooding …