An ode to my darling wife’s new delicious creation, pumpkin dump cake, to the tune of ‘The Little Drummer Boy’.


Silence: It’s What’s for Breakfast

What people usually chit chat about is, in itself, of little value. I’m not talking about meaningful discussions, like “what should we name our next child” or “what can we do to reduce heart disease”. I’m talking about the idle chatter that you normally hear, like “the weather sure has been crazy” or “my latest and greatest achy body part”. Why do I want to know about your sinus headache? What do I look like, a proctologist?


Hosting Troubles, Second Guesses, and General Busyness

For the few readers out there who may be wondering why nothing on my site has changed for a month or two, I wanted to drop you a line and let you know I’m not dead. Several things have kept me from my young blog over the past weeks, but I’ve become very anxious to get back to whatever it is I do here on Tilted Symmetry


What are PermaLinks?

I propose that permalinks be redefined, or at least better defined…


Old School Exercise

When my wife and I lived in Charlotte, we resided in an apartment complex that had a gym within a short walking distance from us. It’s a good thing too; I mean, the gym is important, but walking to get there? Why don’t I just chop some wood and bale some hay while I’m at it?


I’m Here.

Have you ever worked so hard on something, and then when you’re done, all that you want to do is do it all over again?