Take These Wings

I arranged this song for my Mom. It was one of our favorite songs when I was a kid. I composed the instrumentation using Xewton Music Studio on my iPod Touch, and overlaid my voice, including harmonies, using Garageband and the built in microphone on my Macbook.


Angst of the Bubble Mower


This Is The Problem

This is my first venture into an incredible world where samples from can be directly accessed using Beatmaker, without the need to use a PC as a bridge between them.

Details of how the song was made, after the fold…


Not Fun At All

The goal of this piece was to create something disturbing to the ear, without losing structure and composition.

I used a featured artist kit in BeatMaker for this, but I mangled most of the instruments, perhaps beyond recognition.


Moments of Winter

<a href="">Moments of Winter by Joey Livingston</a>

I composed this song a couple of years ago with Garageband and a midi controller. It got lost when I migrated my site from MODx to Wordpress.