WordPress & iNote

Wordpress 1.1 for iPhone is out. It is exclusively a bug fix and stability improvement upgrade. The one to look forward to is the next upgrade, version 1.2, which should include, amongst several other feature upgrades, a landscape mode for writing, with the wider keyboard for a better and faster writing experience.


Zenbe Lists for iPod Touch and iPhone

Zenbe Lists for iPod Touch and iPhone: Preview image

Linotype FontExplorer X

Linotype FontExplorer X: Preview image

My Imaginary Life

My Imaginary Life: Preview image

Have you ever sat on a bus, a train, or in the passenger seat of a car, looking out the window, watching the trees, cars, fences, houses, and scenery rush by, and you begin to sink into this hypnotic state of thought, that’s almost like a deep, poignant conversation with yourself, so vivid that you can practically hear your own voice in your head?

Yeah, it’s like that.



iLike is a free plugin for iTunes, but the freeness only begins there…

The stickies apparently have a special type of adhesive that allow them to stick to any type of website; plastic, grinded steel, brickwork, even water, air, and/or fire, you name it, the notes will hang it. The developers have refused to comment on their secret ingredients.


Get Eclipsed.

Don’t you just love it when you look and look and look for the best solution to your problem, and when you finally find it, it’s totally free? The Eclipse development platform is the greatest IDE that I’ve run across in my career in web development, and that includes any highend solution, like GoLive or Dreamweaver (gah…someone give me some soap for my mouth…).