The Hair Incident

The Hair Incident: Preview image ArtStudio on my iPad. Texture provided by one of Brushes' excellent...well...brushes :)

Morning with Mr. Puddy

Morning with Mr. Puddy: Preview image


The Stroll

The Stroll: Preview image



This is my first decent attempt with Sketchbook Mobile. I’m absolutely amazed at the 1024×682 canvas size on my iPhone. The brushes are all very nice and natural feeling as well.


Fill the Sky

Fill the Sky: Preview image


Sketches: Preview image

Just a Few More Minutes Please

Just a Few More Minutes Please: Preview image Sometimes waking up can be quite a feat in will power.

Made with Brushes 2.1 alpha

My T-Shirt is a Lie

My T-Shirt is a Lie: Preview image I've really been enjoying working in strictly black and white.

Some Sketches

Some Sketches: Preview image

Hatch House

Hatch House: Preview image I've been totally inspired by the graphic novel [Three Shadows]( lately.

Brushes 2.1 alpha