iPhone art

Ivan’s Outlook

Ivan’s Outlook: Preview image Another experiment in Sketchbook Mobile. Really impressed with the natural looking strokes produced by SBM's intelligent pressure simulation.



This is my first decent attempt with Sketchbook Mobile. I’m absolutely amazed at the 1024×682 canvas size on my iPhone. The brushes are all very nice and natural feeling as well.


Fill the Sky

Fill the Sky: Preview image


Sketches: Preview image

Just a Few More Minutes Please

Just a Few More Minutes Please: Preview image Sometimes waking up can be quite a feat in will power.

Made with Brushes 2.1 alpha

My T-Shirt is a Lie

My T-Shirt is a Lie: Preview image I've really been enjoying working in strictly black and white.

Some Sketches

Some Sketches: Preview image

Hatch House

Hatch House: Preview image I've been totally inspired by the graphic novel [Three Shadows](http://www.firstsecondbooks.com/threeShadows.html) lately.

Brushes 2.1 alpha

Boys in Flight

Boys in Flight: Preview image

Brushes on the iPod Touch has been far more than a novelty for me. The nature of the platform has reduced what used to be terrifying, insurmountable leaps of artistic accomplishment, down to something more like a fun little game.


Boys at Work

Boys at Work: Preview image

Well, you’ve seen the character studies for Ivan Peabody and Maxwell. This is the first concept scene. I used Brushes 2 beta on my iPod Touch.