Music for iPhone Hands-Free Operation on 3GS

I love listening to music on my iPhone while I’m walking or driving around. I love that I can leave my iPhone in my pocket, and if someone calls, the music will fade out and stop playing, then I can …


Not Fun At All

The goal of this piece was to create something disturbing to the ear, without losing structure and composition.

I used a featured artist kit in BeatMaker for this, but I mangled most of the instruments, perhaps beyond recognition.


Moments of Winter

<a href="">Moments of Winter by Joey Livingston</a>

I composed this song a couple of years ago with Garageband and a midi controller. It got lost when I migrated my site from MODx to Wordpress.


My Imaginary Life

My Imaginary Life: Preview image

Have you ever sat on a bus, a train, or in the passenger seat of a car, looking out the window, watching the trees, cars, fences, houses, and scenery rush by, and you begin to sink into this hypnotic state of thought, that’s almost like a deep, poignant conversation with yourself, so vivid that you can practically hear your own voice in your head?

Yeah, it’s like that.